Workstreme is pleased to announce the appointment of Derek Hamill as an advisor to the board of Workstreme.

Derek brings a wealth knowledge and experience in IT and Telecommunications law, adding strength to the board as we roll Workstreme out worldwide. Especially as we enter the uncertainty of the new GDPR era
— Steve Forsyth | CEO of Workstreme
(L) Derek Hamill|  (R) Steve Forsyth

(L) Derek Hamill|  (R) Steve Forsyth

I am delighted to be able to take up a position as board adviser to Workstreme. The company has the potential to become a global player in the field of harvesting information and integrated communications. I relish the opportunity to assist a global company, with a hard working management team, to fulfil its potential.
— Derek Hamill | Head of Corporate in Gilson Gray LLP


Derek Hamill is Head of Corporate in Gilson Gray LLP, a law firm serving the UK with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The firm was set up in 2014 by various experts and heads of departments from some of the largest firms in the UK, making it the largest law firm launch in 100 years.

Derek is dual qualified in Scots and English law, and holds a LLM (Legal Masters) in IT & Telecommunications Law with distinction. 

With over 20 years’ experience, Derek has expertise in equity and shareholding arrangements, corporate structures and commercial contracts.  He has worked in-house for a global defence manufacturer with particular expertise in the development, productionisation, commercialisation and exploitation of innovative technology on a global scale.  He has assisted clients with the setting up with the corporate divisions throughout the world, particularly in the Far East. 

About Workstreme

Workstreme provides secure information harvesting in real-time, with simultaneous data collaboration and seamless integration with prehistoric & present day IT environments.

We revolutionise information harvesting at source with any input device -  tablet, laptop, smart phone, desktop PC or digital pen. Our cloud based or on-premise platform has an immediate impact on the way workflow information is managed and allows the reshaping of workflow deficiencies.

Workstreme reaches out into information landscapes, harvesting data in REAL-TIME, simplifying and enhancing workflows with seamless integration with IT environments, providing an essential bridge between decision makers, Big Data and Internet of Things.

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