Workstreme Launches in Brazil

Workstreme expands its global footprint into a new continent, through their appointed regional sales partner Targetware Informatica Ltda, a leading South American software distributor based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This new step in its global rollout places the Workstreme brand across 3 continents, driven by a strategic team of appointed service providers, regional partners, software distributors and service integrators.

Targetware Informatica Ltda

Founded in 2007, Targetware is a reference in reselling software for the corporate world. Through international partnerships with leading manufacturers, the company brings to Brazil and Latin America the best software for the corporate market and industries of different segments.

Working under the domain Targetware has emerged through the need for companies to work with specific software, whether from its wide variety of products within its portfolio or searching the world market for the solution that the customer needs. Our goal is not to offer a single solution, but to work with several products of the same category, allowing companies to decide which software best suits their needs.

With the operation consolidated here in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia we have the potential to service the Latin American market.

Contact us: +55 (11) 3665-8550