Workstreme Meets Challenges of FinTech Digtial Transformation in Africa

The challenges of FinTech and digital transformation in Africa is the ability to simultaneously maintain some of the old paper processes with mobile device applications, while maintaining the existing statutory compliance and KYC requirements. Combined with bridging the diverse challenges of geographically remoteness, internet access limitations and IT literacy of client acquisition and product up selling.

Workstreme is meeting those challenges combining both paper and screen-based forms, with value added application that simplify the process. That works on or off line, harvesting the necessary client information that meets compliance regulations, with automatic direct data input when and wherever connectivity is available. Delivering clear and concise business centric information demanded by todays turbo charged client acquisition and management processes.

If you’re in a digital transformation phase or are planning to do so in the future, then choose Workstreme as your digital transformation partner and reach out further with a turbo charged client acquisition process.

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