Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (C.AI)

“You don’t need to know the square root of an Orange you just need to peel it”.

A cognitive system is a one that performs the cognitive work of knowing, understanding, planning, deciding, problem solving, analysing, synthesizing, assessing, and judging as they are fully integrated with perceiving and acting.

This is a combination of two key functions:

Cognitive Computing - were the system provides information to help the user decide.

Artificial Intelligence – were the system would tell the user which course of action to take based on its analysis.

But both these require the harvesting of event based and process centric information from all available sources then processed in real time to be efficient.

Workstreme provides one of the keys to the many information challenges the multi market C.AI community now face. Supporting them in harvesting and processing multilevel AI centric information to allow informed (Cognitive) automatic decision making (Artificial Intelligence) to take place in real time.