Provision of Service

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SaaS | Private Cloud | User Management | Information & Data Collaboration Management | SMS | Digital Pen & Forms | e-Forms | Training | Virtual Support | Purchase Additional Services & Plug-Ins | Direct Upgrade to Enterprise Edition


A real-time information management workflow solution with a range of powerful tools to empowering users to securely capture information and input data directly from source. With simultaneous data collaboration & information delivery to operatives, decision makers & systems globally in real time. Managed and supported in house, via your own secure virtual administrator portal.

On-Premise Edition

Full Enterprise edition | Autonomous | Self-Service | Support Packages | Consultancy Services

What it does

The Enterprise edition implemented and operating from behind your firewall for total operational autonomy. With a range of optional support packages.


PaaS | Private Cloud | Administrator rights | Form Design | Information & Data Collaboration Management| User Management | SMS Alert Management | Applications & Plug-ins | Training | Virtual Support | Expandable Provision of Service


This is business edition Plus, a fully autonomous provision of service solution with full administrator rights. Giving you the ability to Implement & manage multiple information workflows accounts and applications. With the freedom to design & launch forms, set up & manage individual workflow service protocols, allocate direct data input, collaboration & automatic alert services, in house.